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Besides hopping trains, sleeping, and drinking, hobos like to eat. Here are some favorite eats gleaned from a variety of sources.

Don't forget - Cooking with Hobo Oil is an ADVENTURE! Not just delicious, it's packed with goodness, aroma, and maybe, perhaps, a few unexpected bits.

Hobos can usually score some eggs and a little bread. So this meal is a very common food to eat, no matter where your travels find you.

Hobos take a lot of pleasure in meals that use small game and animals that might be found around the edges of towns and the scrubby parts railyards and public areas.

Hobo Dinners

A hobo dinner is a simple recipe that sees beef, potatoes, and carrots - cooked to perfection in a foil pouch either in the oven or over an open campfire. Easy to make, no pans needed, and really delicious! Just make sure you make an extra one for later - you can keep it in your pocket when your travelin' to the next town...

Hobo Cooking Methods

In addition to traditional cast-iron pots and pans, there are a number of historical sources for making and using a Hobo Stove. Let's have a look this fine DIY cooking activity.

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