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Hobo Dinners

On the road? Jungling again? Here is a simple, foil-wrapped meal sometime's called a "bum's meal." Most folks call it a "hobo dinner." Ingredients can include nearly anything you can scrounge from someone's kitchen, a patois of leftovers, or potentially fresh finds from the garden, or maybe gleanings from the dumpster.


Include anything you like: meats, vegetables, seasonings. Score some aluminum foil and a grill - or better yet, a campfire!

Hobo Dinner How-To


Heat the grill to medium or burn the campfire down to red-hot coals.

Tear off as many sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil as you'll need, one for each person, each about 18 inches long. In the middle of each sheet place your favorite meats and veggies. Traditional "recipes" call for sliced potatoes, onions, carrots and/or celery, red peppers, and ground sirloin. Season with salt and pepper and drizzle with hobo oil (or olive/vegetable oil if you're out of hobo oil...). Toss everything to mix all the seasonings and oil, and wrap tightly.


Place the packets seam side down on indirect heat for 15 minutes. Flip the packets over and grill for an additional 15 minutes. For a campfire, lay the packets in the middle of the coals, placing some of the coals on top of the packets. The campfire method will not take as long, as you will be cooking with higher heat and from both the top and the bottom. Check a packet at about 15 minutes. Check for doneness after the recommended cooking times. The rule of thumb for doneness seems to be "when the potatoes are done, everything is done". This is true in most cases.


Be careful when opening the packets, as steam will pour out. 


A few suggestions for other ingredients are broccoli, cauliflower, fresh green beans, leeks, snap peas, fresh or smoked sausage, ham chunks, chicken, and even hot dogs. It's up to your imagination. Be Brave!

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